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The Heindl SchokoMuseum: a museum to melt for

Chocolate, a pleasure that tantalises the senses and awakens feelings of happiness, becomes an unforgettable experience at the Heindl SchokoMuseum.

The museum not only offers an insight into the history and production of chocolate, but is now also focusing on innovation to provide its visitors with an audiovisual as well as an aromatic feast.

From Ecuador to Europe: a sweet journey

The Heindl SchokoMuseum opens its doors to those with a sweet tooth and chocoholics who want to learn more about the art of chocolate making. As soon as you enter, you are immersed in a world full of tantalising aromas and sweet surprises.

The journey begins with a look at the origins of chocolate in Ecuador, from the Mayo-Chinchipe culture to the Aztecs, who worshipped cocoa as a divine drink, to the discovery of the cocoa bean by the Europeans. The museum takes visitors on a fascinating journey through the history of this sweet temptation.

Chocolate making and tasting experiments at the Heindl SchokoMuseum

One of the museum’s highlights is the live chocolate-making session. Visitors are given exclusive insights into the production of Heindl and Pischinger specialities. The experience is of course rounded off with numerous sweet samples.

These tasting experiments not only delight the senses, the chocolate workshops for young and old also call for creativity when it comes to creating chocolates or chocolate figures.

Sweet innovation with the Hearonymus audio guide

With its new Hearonymus audio guide, the Heindl SchokoMuseum is taking another step towards offering its visitors an unforgettable experience. The audio guide leads visitors through the various exhibition areas, presenting not only facts but also entertaining anecdotes about the world of chocolate and Confiserie Heindl.

From its beginnings in 1953 to its current position as one of Austria’s leading confectionery manufacturers.Visitors can discover the secrets behind the sweet delicacies of the confectionery and wafer specialities while indulging in the museum’s extensive snacking facilities. In this way, not only the ears, but also the eyes, nose and palate of the visitors are addressed.

The Heindl SchokoMuseum: a multi-sensory experience for all the senses

The Heindl SchokoMuseum does not stand still when it comes to presenting the world of chocolate. The Hearonymus audio guide is a welcome addition to this charming museum and offers visitors the opportunity to explore the world of chocolate at their own pace.

Together with the Hearonymus app and the “HEINDL SchokoMuseum” audio guide, the smartphone becomes an interactive guide to the museum. With just a few clicks, the app and the audio guide can be downloaded to your smartphone and the guide can be listened to indefinitely and without an internet connection. Whether in the comfort of your own home on the couch or on site while snacking, you can listen to the “HEINDL SchokoMuseum” audio guide as often as you like. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play, while the audio guide for the museum is available for just 1,19€.

Download the audio guide directly in the Hearonymus app:
(Just open the link on your mobile phone)
Heindl SchokoMuseum