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Ötztaler Heimatmuseum honoured with Tyrolean Museum Award for Hearonymus audio guide

The Ötztaler Heimatmuseum in Längenfeld is a real treasure for anyone interested in the historical everyday life and work of mountain farmers in the Ötztal. The museum has now been honoured with the Tyrolean Museum Award for its outstanding work and development of the audio guide “Old Ötztalers tell their stories”.

The history of the Ötztaler Heimatmuseum is closely linked to the development of the Ötztal. Founded with the aim of preserving the cultural roots of the region, the museum offers an exciting look back at the historical everyday life and work of mountain farmers in the context of social change. The museum is dedicated to Ötztal’s cultural and everyday history. This is expressed in the presentation of everyday objects and utensils, especially historical work and craft tools.

Virtual encounters with the past

The Hearonymus audio guide not only offers visitors a lively journey through the history of Ötztal by letting 16 historical personalities from Ötztal talk about their lives, their challenges and their experiences. They give an insight into what was important to them or determined their everyday life: farm labour, child mortality, inheritance and marriage, pilgrimage, flax work and much more.

From mountain farmers and maidservants to priests and poets – the audio guide lets different historical people from the valley have their say and tell their stories and thus chapters from Ötztal’s history. It is particularly noteworthy that the audio guide is not only available in German and English, but also in Ötztalese. Each of the 16 historical personalities has been recorded in the local dialect of the valley.

The variety of stories told in the local dialect not only conveys a vivid picture of the past, but also gives the audio guide a personal touch and enables visitors to establish a deeper connection to history. No wonder that the charming Ötztal Museum of Local History was awarded this year’s Tyrolean Museum Prize for this special achievement.

Hearonymus audio guide “Old Ötztal locals tell their stories” on the smartphone

The award-winning Hearonymus audio guide “Alte Ötztalerinnen und Ötztaler erzählen” is available free of charge on the Hearonymus app. In 16 chapters, historical personalities provide insights into their lives, their challenges and their experiences in daily life in Ötztal.

The app and audio guide can be downloaded to your smartphone in just a few clicks. The guide can now be listened to indefinitely and without an internet connection. Whether at home or directly on site. The audio guide can be listened to anywhere, as often as you like. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play. The audio guide is also available free of charge on Hearonymus.

Download the audio guide directly in the Hearonymus app:
(Just open the link on your mobile phone)
Ötztaler Heimatmuseum