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Hearonymus honoured with equalitA seal of quality

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs awarded Hearonymus the “equalitA” seal of approval for the promotion of women within the company.

Launched in 2020, the “equalitA” seal of approval recognises companies that promote women within the company and actively work towards equality between women and men. In doing so, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs wants to set an example for equal opportunities, equality and fairness on the Austrian business market.

Hearonymus is proud that its internal commitment to the advancement of women and gender equality has been recognised with the “equalitA” seal of approval. Hearonymus thus joins a list of well-known companies including A1, Ikea, Henkel and Bipa. Hearonymus founders Peter and Claudia Grundmann are also delighted: “The equalitA seal of approval shows us that the path we have chosen is the right one. That’s why the award from the Federal Ministry means so much to us. Internal diversity not only makes Hearonymus more diverse and innovative, but also promotes our competitiveness on the national and international market. For this reason, we are particularly pleased about the award from equalitA.”

Equal treatment and a balanced gender ratio have always been part of Hearonymus’ entrepreneurial recipe for success. With a female share of over 70 per cent, Hearonymus impressively demonstrates that it is not impossible to attract women as employees, especially in the digital services industry. “Hearonymus is now so feminine that we briefly considered changing the name to HERonymus,” smiles Peter Grundmann.