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Glamour meets history: the "House of Strauss" museum in Palais Zögernitz

The House of Strauss in the former Zögernitz Casino was once a place of gambling and entertainment. Today it houses a fascinating museum that presents the history and splendour of the Strauss dynasty.

Far more than just a museum, the House of Strauss is a living monument that revives the unique history of the famous composer family and their immortal music. Embedded in the charming atmosphere of the extensively restored Palais Zögernitz, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of Johann Strauss and his family and be enchanted by the elegance and beauty of his melodies.

The history of the “House of Strauss” – insights into the past

The “House of Strauss” museum is a reflection of past eras that are closely linked to the history of the former Zögernitz Casino. The museum offers a comprehensive insight into the life and work of the Strauss family, whose musical legacy began in the 19th century. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the splendid era of waltzes and polkas as they stroll through the lovingly restored rooms of Palais Zögernitz.

The museum presents a multifaceted collection of musical memorabilia from the Strauss family. From original sheet music and letters to personal objects and instruments, the museum conveys an authentic picture of the time in which the Strauss dynasty flourished.

The music lives on – thanks to a multimedia presentation 

The museum is not only focussing on classical music, but also on modernity to make its exhibition even more lively: Multimedia productions with animated visuals, video projections, LED walls and digital 3D avatars allow the maestro to perform his most famous pieces once again. 

Visitors can also take up the baton themselves. Numerous interactive hands-on stations not only give the exhibition a playful touch, but also make a visit to the museum an unforgettable experience for young and old alike. The combination of visual, auditory and interactive elements creates an immersive experience for visitors and makes the world of classical music accessible to all the senses.

Listen to the fascination – the audio guide in the House of Strauss Museum

You can also explore the museum on your mobile phone: Together with the Hearonymus app and the “House of Strauss” audio guide, the visit becomes a customised voyage of discovery. The audio guide was recorded by Thomas Strauss, the great-great-great-grandson of Johann Strauss I. 

In over 130 chapters, Thomas accompanies visitors with anecdotes about the creation of famous compositions, background information on the exhibits and provides insights into the private lives of his ancestors.

The Hearonymus app and audio guide can be downloaded to a smartphone in just a few clicks. The guide can be listened to indefinitely and without an internet connection. Whether at home or directly on site. The audio guide can be listened to anywhere, as often as you like. The Hearonymus app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play Store. The audio guide is also available free of charge on Hearonymus.

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